Void Labels

Labels with VOID effect

As a standard we supply 2 basic types of VOID effects

1) VOID effect – “TRANSFERABLE” – leaves a trace on surface

2) VOID effect – “NO TRACE” after peel off, there is a clean surface

For lower security requirements are used VOID labels or tapes which are without  holograms. For personalization is used thermo printer and a logo or company name can be printed (see printed labels).

This technology offer an high security level because combine in one product two level of security.
The first is the Hologram that it could be customized (with every security features) or generic.

The second is an undercontrol demetallization that allows a selective separation within the label structure.

When an hologram with Void system technology is removed, a partially demetallization release on the surface the word Void or a customized word or image.
This pattern is visible only after the hologram label is removed,and this is the guarantee that the product hasn’t been replaced with a fake.

Pattern VOID can be transferable (leaves a trace) to surface, or where is request to have a clean surface after peel off can be used VOID label “NO TRACE”

Labels with VOID effect – leaves a trace on surface


Labels with VOID effect – “NO TRACE” clean surface


* The Label / Seal colors can be different depending on customer requirements and the MOQ

The “VOID” footprint can be fully printed on the underlying material, or where there is NO need for footprint on the surface (glass, camera lens), the surface will remain clean and the sign VOID only appears on the seamed seal. All VOID Seals / Labels are for single use only!
This pattern is visible only if the sticker has been removed and this is a guarantee that the product has not been opened and replaced by a fake.