Special products according to customer requirements:

below you can see some samples of already delivered products – special seals, badges, medals, bracelets, tickets, lottery tickets, seal shrink film for drinks and drugstore products, decorative labels etc. Click on the image to start the slideshow

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Holographic Solutions for Industry

  • Wines and spirits
  • Electronic Products, White Goods and Components
  • Agricultural Produce
  • FMCG
  • Jewelry, Watches, High Value Goods and Accessories
  • Automotive Components and Parts
  • Machinery, Electricals and Equipment
  • Fashion, Soft goods and Luxury Brands
  • High-end Food Products.
  • Toys and Products for Infants

The most elementary, but without a doubt most prevalent problem faced by businesses today is maximizing revenue in a competitive market place by ensuring confidence in the Brand supported by healthy retail.