Printed labels

We offer below printing possibility :

1) Thermoprint

2) Lithographically (White Lithography)

3) Combination of Thermoprinting a Lithographicall method – This combination is used particularly where the customer does not need a high level of protection and individual design. On standard wallpaper design can be printed text, serial number, company logo etc.

4) Color “print” embossing foil on foil – Color “printing” is especially used where the customer does not need high protection and own individual design of the hologram, but needs to highlight the label from a marketing point of view and capture the eye of the customer. On standard wallpaper motif will be “printed”(embossed) colored foil according to the catalog.


Labels on Holographic foil – various effects such as Rainbow, Ice, Christmas theme see “Decorative Labels and Foils” 

Colour foil catalog  – Click here    

For additional information about possibilty and usage of  hologram films refer to “Decorative Labels and Foils”