Matrix origination

We can offer these technical categories of matrix origination (Mastering):


2D/3D holograms contain several image layers, which are visually placed one behind another and produce an effect of three-dimensional structure. This type of holograms is usually applied for goods, documents and stock papers.


Dot matrix holograms are computer generated in the way that an image is optically written dot by dot to construct the final picture. This technology allows generating very daring and unusual design ideas. Dot matrix created icons are particularly vivid and clear. The unique optical characteristics make dot matrix holograms an exceptional security feature.


E-beam technology makes it possible to create originals of computer-synthesized holograms with high level of protection. The holograms include elements that cannot be manufactured using other optical technologies. This kind of technology allows the creation of holograms with a resolution in nanometers (254 000-500 000 dpi) Harbour Bridge