Hot stamp foils

Holographic hot stamp foils

Holographic hot stamp foil may be applied to a wide range of materials such as paper, synthetic leather, fabric, iron, plastic etc. It is generally well known that hot stamp foil can very easily increase visibility and value of the product. Holographic hot stamp foil can be used on all types of packaging products or greeting cards, gifts cards, stationery, calendars,vouchers,tickets,book covers, credit card and many others application.

Hot stamp folie UK

A single holographic image with a register or reading mark provided. Many customised design hologram hot stamping foils have registration marks which are automatically traced by a hot stamping machine during application. The automatic hot stamping machine can locate the position of the hologram hot stamping foil. The hologram logo will be transferred onto paper and PVC card by hot stamping process. The hologram fuses onto the substrate and protects it. Hologram hot stamping foil with registered eye mark can be holographic and also a white photo cell.

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