Electron-beam lithograph / E-beam

Holographic master origination is one piece of nickel shim which is made in a laboratory by master recording systems (2D/3D, DOT Matrix and E-BEAM techniques) and after electroforming process we get one shim – which is called the master origination. We can duplicate many nickel shims by using the electronic forming process and start to emboss holograms.

The cost of a customised hologram master is a one-time setup price. We offer a sophisticated range of holographic techniques to meet all levels of security and all your product needs.

 Available security features:e-Beam technology

  • 2D/3D – background layer + logo on the foreground
  • Angle and colour animation
  • Flip-Flop – images overlay on each other
  • Micro and nanotext – text size of 150 micron, identified by
  • special device or microscope
  • Guilloche – complex thin interlacing lines
  • Photo effect – use of photo picture on hologram
  • Hidden image – image that can be seen only using device
  • with laser beam
  • Pseudo metallic effect
  • Lens effect
  • Dynamic effect

Artwork of customised hologram

Masterovaný HOLOGRAM

A customised hologram origination is made individually for each customer. Such holograms provide protection and serves as a trademark and design element. Hologram artwork is made according to customer’s expectations and technical opportunities. Origination is made only after artwork approval and confirmation from a customer.